• Dice Wars  (اللعبة الأساسية)

Dice Wars (اللعبة الأساسية)

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  • Publisher: BryBelly
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DICE WARS is a fast paced, dice rolling game where two players try to gather the most cards through rolling dice and placing them on the card to control the cards. Players can roll as fast as possible to create roll combinations and control cards faster then their opponents. Once a card is controlled it can always be taken away from the opponent. Once a player controls four cards the game is over. GAME PLAY: 7 cards are laid out in a row. each player takes their dice pool card and places it in front of them. Each player gets four d6 dice "white for player 1 and black for player 2". There is an extra die color red that can be gathered as cards are controlled and used to help create dice combination to control cards. This die will change ownership often. The players will roll their dice and place them on the cards they want to control. Once you roll the required dice combo you can control the card and turn it 90 degrees. Each card owned is worth victory points [1,1,3,3,5,5,10] at the end when four cards are controlled you add up your victory points and the high score wins. Tactics come in when you have to decide which cards you can control and earn enough points to win. You only need 1 point greater than your opponent to win and once you get your fourth card you need to make sure your points are higher than your opponent. Control changes a lot in this game and since each player is rolling their dice fast you have to keep an eye on which cards your opponent is placing dice on to try and control them. When a card is controlled a player can roll a small dice combination to turn the card back 90 degrees and remove your control but they don't control the card either until they roll the required combination.