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    Arkham Horror LCG

    Art Book - AH Novella - Vol. 2: Ire of the Void

    Dhs. 69.00
    Take on the creatures that dwell between worlds in Ire of the Void! In this thrilling novella by Robert Lee Byers, astronomer and Miskatonic University professor Norman Withers seeks to restore his reputation among Arkham's academic elite after doubt of his claim of observing the disappearance of six stars. With the help of a visiting physicist, Withers investigates a series...

    Art Book - AH Novella - Vol. 3: To Fight the Black Wind

    Dhs. 69.00
    Not all patients can be cured or want to be. Psychologist Carolyn Fern's newest patient suffers from nightmares that leave glyph-shaped wounds across her skin. The case is odd, even for an institution like Arkham Sanatorium, where the unusual becomes the everyday. Things become even more complicated after the young woman claims to have met Malachi Carolyn's former patient whose...

    Art Book - AH Novella - Vol. 4: The Deep Gate

    Dhs. 69.00
    Discover what secrets have been drowned in Devil Reef in The Deep Gate! This Arkham Horror novella by Chris A. Jackson takes readers on a voyage up the Miskatonic River running through Arkham and the along the coasts of fear-shadowed Innsmouth where sailor Silas Marsh seeks answers about the nightmares that have plagued him since his parents' death. Including full-color...

    Arkham Horror (LCG) - Where Doom Awaits

    Dhs. 69.00
    Where Doom Awaits is the fifth Mythos Pack in The Dunwich Legacy cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Even as its new scenario carries your investigations rapidly toward their climactic conclusion, it dizzies your investigator with a distorted version of reality. The woods outside of Dunwich are changing. You'll find clearings strewn with blood and bodies, rivers frozen solid...

    AH LCG - Heart of the Elders

    Dhs. 69.00
    Heart of the Elders is the third Mythos Pack in The Forgotten Age Cycle. Following the events of The Boundary Beyond, you and your team of investigators head deep into the jungles of southern Mexico in search of an ancient, forgotten cavern. After several days of trekking through the jungle, you find what you believe to be the entrance of...

    AH LCG - The Boundary Beyond

    Dhs. 69.00
    The Boundary Beyond is the second Mythos Pack in The Forgotten Age cycle. The Boundary Beyond scenario skews your idea of reality as the city shifts around you. By using the Explore action to investigate different locations, you may find that time has become destabilized as Modern locations are replaced with Ancient ones. You must discover a way to restore...

    Arkham Horror (LCG) - Dim Carcosa

    Dhs. 69.00
    All shall be revealed when you travel to Dim Carcosa, meaning that the locations in this scenario have no unrevealed side. Instead, their reverse sides bear story cards to push your plotlines forward to their final curtain. In this lost realm, insanity is inevitable. But even with your mind fractured and broken, your investigation does not end here. In Dim...

    Arkham Horror (LCG) - Lost in Time and Space

    Dhs. 69.00
    The new scenario from Lost in Time and Space is full to bursting with otherworldly chaos, non-Euclidean geometry, and menacing, extra-dimensional entities possessed of incomprehensible powers. And for those who play it as the capstone of The Dunwich Legacy campaign, the scenario's also littered with effects that call back to the decisions you've made. It is an adventure, a reckoning,...