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Metallic Dice Games

Dice Tray: MET Games - Velvet Folding, Green [10x10"] (لوازم لعبة لوحية)

Dhs. 79.00
Protects your gaming surface, and controls your roll too! Never worry about your gaming table or your dice again. Our high-quality dice trays fold flat to fit in your folder or backpack, and easily snaps into shape when you’re ready to game. A must-have when you’re gaming outdoors!

Dice Bag: MET Games - Velvet & Satin - Large, Black/Black [6x8'] (لوازم لعبة لوحية)

Dhs. 27.00
The best way to store and transport your premium gaming dice. Made with quality velvet and lined with luxurious satin, our dice bags are a great value.

Dice: MET - Metal - Poly Set, Green (حجر النرد)

Dhs. 185.00
Perfect for gaming anywhere, anytime! Each polyhedral set comes with 7 dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d10 (00-90), d12, and d20).