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Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories

HEYE: Puzzle Pad (لوازم أحجية الصورة المقطوعة)

Dhs. 95.00
No more space problems with the Heye Puzzle Pad - for easy storage of started and finished jigsaw puzzles, easy to transport and stow away

HEYE: Puzzle Conserver (لوازم أحجية الصورة المقطوعة)

Dhs. 32.00
With the Heye Puzzle Conserver, every finished puzzle becomes a wonderfully decorative wall decoration thanks to simple and permanent fixation.

HEYE: Puzzle Sorter (لوازم أحجية الصورة المقطوعة)

Dhs. 115.00
The Heye Puzzle Sorter, consisting of six colored boxes, enables clear and space-saving sorting and storage of the puzzle pieces.