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Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

WH: Getting Started With WH AoS (كتاب للعبة المجسمات)

Dhs. 41.00
Everything you need to get started in the Mortal Realms of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, this magazine is the perfect purchase for the absolute beginner who’d like to dip their toes in the hobby of collecting, building, painting and playing with Citadel miniatures. It explains in easy to follow terms how to get started, and even comes with a free...

WH AoS: Beastclaw Raiders - Start Collecting! (لعبة المجسمات للمبتدئين)

Dhs. 326.00
Harbingers of dark months and dead seasons, marauders who stalk through the frozen darkness, the ogor tribes of the Beastclaw Raiders are gargantuan creatures of strength and hunger. Unlike orruks or warriors of the Bloodbound they fight not for the thrill but for survival – battlefields are their hunting grounds, and when the foe lies cold and dead their bodies...

WH AoS: Sylvaneth - Start Collecting! (لعبة المجسمات للمبتدئين)

Dhs. 349.00
The air sings with glorious life magic as the children of Alarielle surge into battle. The reborn goddess of war leads from the front as glorious Wyldwoods burst forth from the heaving ground, called into being by ancient spirits. Determined to protect the Realm of Life, mighty Wargroves advance, crushing enemies with the inexorable strength of nature. Outcasts and Free...

WH AoS: Daemons of Slaanesh - Keeper of Secrets (إضافة للعبة المجسمات)

Dhs. 499.00
The Keeper of Secrets is the most powerful and dangerous of Slaanesh's servants graceful, fast, and utterly deadly. On the battlefield, these towering combatants can scythe through infantry formations and heavy armour alike with a flurry of attacks. Each is also a sorcerer capable of unleashing foul magics that can allure their foes or utterly destroy them and an accomplished commander...

WH AoS: Deadwalkers - Zombies (إضافة للعبة المجسمات)

Dhs. 136.00
This boxed set contains 20 multi-part plastic Zombies, including options for a Standard Bearer and Musician. Supplied with 20 Citadel 25mm Round bases.

WH AoS: Flesh-Eater Courts - Abhorant Archregent (إضافة للعبة المجسمات)

Dhs. 111.00
Archregents are Ghoul Kings who have ruled for hundreds upon hundreds of years, growing terrifyingly powerful. They are mighty vampiric warrior-kings and are accustomed to instant obedience from all those around them. Warrior. Wizard. Commander. The Abhorrant Archregent is all of these and more -an essential Leader for any Flesh-eater Courts force who shreds enemies up-close, adds reinforcements to your...

WH AoS: Kharadron Overlords - Arkanaut Company (إضافة للعبة المجسمات)

Dhs. 195.00
When it comes to feet on the ground, the Arkanaut Companies form the Kharadron Overlords’ main fighting forces. Descending swiftly via a Frigate’s grav-ladders or suspension ropes, an Arkanaut Company can deploy rapidly into the fray. This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a 10-model Arkanaut Company. They have a variety of weapons available: each wields a...

WH AoS: Nighthaunt - Lady Olynder (إضافة للعبة المجسمات)

Dhs. 179.00
She is the Mourning Bride, the Unrequited Queen, the Veiled Lady and the Mortarch of Grief. She is despair made manifest, gloom given form. She is Lady Olynder, and in her are bound all the sorrows and anguishes of the realms. Her power transcends the melancholic, for she exudes mind-crippling waves of pure desolation. Mortals in her presence are overwhelmed...

WH AoS: Nighthaunt - Spirit Hosts (إضافة للعبة المجسمات)

Dhs. 104.00
Choking the air above the Nighthaunt host are the most numerous of its warriors - the Spirit Hosts. These are the souls of the damned, stripped of body and identity, and they scream endlessly for the life they have lost. This multi-part plastic kit makes three Spirit Hosts. Includes three Citadel 50mm Round bases.

WH AoS: Ogor Mawtribes - Tyrant (إضافة للعبة المجسمات)

Dhs. 125.00
The ferocious war-leaders of the Gutbuster warglutts, Tyrants are living mountains of iron and blubbery flesh. Despite their girth, they move with surprising speed, hacking their prey into bloody chunks for easier consumption. Tyrants are great leaders for any Ogor army, particularly those using loads of Gutbusters units like Gluttons, Ironguts and Gnoblars. Savagely effective fighters who can go toe-to-toe...

WH AoS: Ossiarch Bonereapers - Vokmortian Master ot the Bone-Tithe (إضافة للعبة المجسمات)

Dhs. 111.00
It is Vokmortian’s task to oversee the harvesting of bones for the Ossiarch legions, a duty he undertakes with ruthless, calculating precision. Those who defy the will of the Great Necromancer are cut down with flesh-withering bolts of necromantic magic. Whether you're looking for a capable commander for your Ossiarch Bonereapers or just a cracking little painting project, Vokmortian, Master...