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Middle Earth: LOTR - Battle of Pelennor Fields (إضافة للعبة المجسمات)

Dhs. 646.00
In this box set, you’ll find all the miniatures (no less than 84!) and rules you and an opponent will need to defend the city of Minas Tirith – or take command of the forces of Evil and wage destruction and war upon the kingdom of Gondor.

Horus Heresy: Horus Lupercal Bookends [Limited Ed.] (كتاب للعبة المجسمات)

Dhs. 385.00
Have the Warmaster himself defend your collection of novels with a pair of resin bookends in the shape of Horus. Each of them has a weathered stone finish and features the image of the Warmaster, complete with iconic details like his fur cloak and mighty talon.

WH Quest: Blackstone Fortress - Ascension (كتاب للعبة المجسمات)

Dhs. 405.00
Blackstone Fortress Book 2 Stripped of his titles and riches, rogue trader Janus Draik leads a desperate expedition into the Blackstone Fortress in an attempt to restore his fortunes and save Precipice from deadly peril. READ IT BECAUSE Get into the heart of Blackstone Fortress and discover the bonds between the explorers in a novel packed with action, intrigue and...

The Horus Heresy: Fulgrim (Book 5) (كتاب للعبة المجسمات)

Dhs. 53.00
A Horus Heresy novel As the Great Crusade draws to a close, primarch Fulgrim and the Emperor's Children continue their pursuit of perfection. But pride comes before a fall, and this most proud of Legions is about to fall a very, very long way... READ IT BECAUSE Graham McNeill paints a masterly portrait of a Legion brough low by their...

The Horus Heresy: False Gods (Book 2) (كتاب للعبة المجسمات)

Dhs. 53.00
A Horus Heresy novel The Great Crusade that has taken humanity into the stars continues. The Emperor of Mankind has handed the reins of command to his favoured son, the Warmaster Horus. Yet all is not well in the armies of the Imperium... READ IT BECAUSE The seeds of Horus' betrayal are planted here, and the true nature of the...

Horus Heresy: Siege of Terra - Warhawk

Dhs. 132.00
Siege of Terra Book 6 With the Lion's Gate space port taken by the enemy, Jaghatai Khan of the White Scars prepares a brazen gambit, but one of his former brothers rises to take up arms against him. READ IT BECAUSE The heroic and dynamic White Scars hurtle headlong into combat with the unyielding Death Guard. As brother battles brother,...

The Horus Heresy: Galaxy in Flames [Book 3] (كتاب)

Dhs. 53.00
A Horus Heresy novel The Great Crusade that has taken humanity into the stars continues. Written by Ben Counter

Horus Heresy: Seige of Terra - Fury of Magnus (كتاب للعبة المجسمات)

Dhs. 103.00
A Siege of Terra novella In the midst of the Siege of Terra, Magnus the Red embarks on a very personal mission – one that will bring him face to face with the Emperor once more! READ IT BECAUSE Discover the end of Magnus' journey from Prospero to treachery on Terra in a deeply moving and elegiac tale that sees...

WH Quest: Cursed City (ألعاب المجسمات للمبتدئين)

Dhs. 829.00
Warhammer Quest: Cursed City is a co-operative board game that can be played solo, or with up to 3 friends. Together you will enter Ulfenkarn to take part in one of four journeys – Hunt, Scavenge, Deliverance, and Decapitation, which are combined into a heroic quest to overthrow Radukar and his lieutenants to free the city from its undead curse.This...