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Dice & Dice Sets

Citadel: 12mm Dice Set

Dhs. 42.00
Roll up, roll up! Check out this remarkable product for your gaming needs. The perfect invention for random number generation for when you need to destroy your opponents forces in one go, A cube of Dice. The must have essential for every gaming hobbyist, they should never be without one or two in...

Descent: Journeys in the Dark (2nd Ed) - Dice Pack

Dhs. 45.00
Whether you're unraveling the plot of a treacherous ruler, sending a Wyrm Queen back to her subterranean slumber, searching for treasure amongst sun-scorched ruins, or embarking on countless other adventures, you don't want to be slowed down by a shortage of your most basic necessities. Keep the focus on the quest with extra dice! The Descent Dice Pack is an...

Dice KW: Positive/Negative D6 (16mm) (x8)

Dhs. 25.00
High Quality Positive and Negative dice counters numbered through 1-6 for all your gaming needs.