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      Lord of the Rings LCG

      LOTR (LCG) - Pack 17: The Steward's Fear

      Dhs. 69.00
      The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game - The Steward's Fear, the first Adventure Pack in the "Against the Shadow" cycle, is a tale of corruption within the heart of Gondor that follows immediately after the events of the Heirs of Numenor expansion. Its sixty new cards include a new hero, three copies of each new player card, and...

      LOTR (LCG) - Pack 18: Druadan Forest

      Dhs. 69.00
      he dark shadow of Mordor reaches into the realm of Gondor. Conspiracies and conspirators that moved quietly through the alleys and underground of Minas Tirith have escaped the city walls. Now, in The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game - The Druadan Forest - the second Adventure Pack in the "Against the Shadow" cycle - some of Middle-earth's greatest...

      LOTR (LCG) - Pack 10: The Watcher in the Water

      Dhs. 69.00
      Elrond, the Elf Lord of Rivendell, is troubled by the great numbers of Orcs that plagued the heroes who escorted his daughter, Arwen Undomiel, across the Misty Mountains. He asks them to explore the mines of Moria, hoping they can determine if they are the source of the increased Orc activity, but before the heroes can explore Moria's vast network...

      LOTR (LCG) - Pack 13: Shadow and Flame

      Dhs. 69.00
      Throughout the "Dwarrowdelf" cycle for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, the heroes of Middle-earth have been tasked by Elrond to find the root of the increased Orc activity in the Misty Mountains. Through treacherous mountain passes, goblin ambushes, dark tunnels, and underground waterways, their journey leads them at last to the depths of Moria... and the terrible...

      LOTR (LCG) - Pack 12: Foundations of Stone

      Dhs. 69.00
      Having set out from Rivendell to discover the root of the Orcs' increased activity, the heroes wander deep into the mines of Moria. Hazards slow their movement and threaten their health, and Orcs confront them at every turn, but with little sign of true organization. Still, as the heroes track the Orcs back toward larger encampments, their search leads them...

      LOTR (LCG) - Pack 61: The Mountain of Fire

      Dhs. 136.00
      "We come now to the very brink, where hope and despair are akin. To waver is to fall." -Aragorn, The Return of the King Dire, world-shattering stakes. Epic Multiplayer Mode. The fate of all Middle-earth... Mountain of Fire is the sixth and final The Lord of the Rings Saga Expansion for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game! Three...