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10 board games to battle boredom during coronavirus isolation

Date: March 25, 2020 | Website: Gulf News

“Classic games like Catan and Ticket to Ride are what we call Gateway Games, easy games to teach but very re-playable,” says gaming guru Jesse Jasper Neyra from Back to Games at Times Square Centre Dubai. “Catan focuses on resource management and trading, while Ticket to Ride requires planning and balancing risk over reward. These are important skills that growing up would be essential not only in completing tasks but also in everyday life. There are a lot of lessons to be learnt through tabletop games…”

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Pandemic and Virus board games sell out across the UAE

Date: March 22, 2020 | Website: The National

Board game retailers across Dubai report they have sold out of the games Pandemic and Virus, as people choose to stay at home. The swift increase in business is at odds with much of the suffering retail sector, where sales have been dwindling.

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3 independent places to buy board games in Dubai

Date: March 17, 2020 | Website: What's On

Now is the time to be relaxing at home, whether you’re self isolating or hanging out with close friends and family. Board games are a great way to enjoy a spot of digital-free fun, but how many of us actually have them sitting at home? We’ve rounded up a few small businesses where you can purchase board games in Dubai to play at home.

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Game On!

Date: April 06, 2017 | Website: Dubai Post

‘Dubai really is a land of fantasy… one that brings the futuristic to the now.’ As a beaming Mark Azzam utters those words, one can almost draw parallels between the city’s creative genius and his own imaginative journey into the world of gaming.

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There’s a new board games store in Times Square Center

Date: March 29, 2017 | Website: What's On

Time to unplug yourself and break out the cardboard. Monopoly, RISK, Scrabble… admit it, these are the names that spring to mind when you think of board games. And you’re not wrong, these classics have been the staples of most family game nights for decades. But for every person you speak to that loves Trivial Pursuit, there’s a sore loser that’s sworn off playing board games for life.

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Back To Games Wants to Get You Addicted to Boardgames

Date: March 23, 2017 | Website: Review Central Middle East

“We are thrilled with our expansion to Dubai. There are many who already know of our brand here and would buy our products online through our webstore. Some would even drive from across the UAE all the way to our shop in Abu Dhabi to live the gaming experience. At least now, they will have us closer to them,” highlighted Mark Azzam, Founder, Back to Games.

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If you think board games are better than going out then you will adore this

Date: March 13, 2017 | Website: Dubai Week

Monopoly – aspiring property tycoon. Scrabble – great with words. Battleships – never gets seasick. You get the idea. Nothing destroys and rebuilds friendship like games night and Back to Games store wants us to ditch the apps and start rolling dice instead.

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First tabletop gaming store in Abu Dhabi opens at Reem Island mall

Date: November 20, 2015 | Website: The National

The community of tabletop gamers – the name used to describe board games, card games, miniatures or any other game played on a tabletop – has been growing significantly in the UAE, and particularly in Abu Dhabi.

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Back To Games, the tabletop and board game store is now open in Dubai!

Website: Absolute Geeks

We all have played board games, who doesn’t love a great board game to liven up the party. Growing up as a kid, I really got into it as a hobby and then one computer later, it all changed. Several years later, I found my calling to get back to it again. I couldn’t find places to get the games I wanted for the prices I wanted it at. Back To Games has now come in and solved that problem. The store has opened up in Times Square Center Dubai to offer gamers to get into more traditional and social ways to play.

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Here’s why you need to put down your controller and pick up a board game.

Website: #AskMen

For Mark Azzam, owning a store that specializes in board games is something he’s dreamed about since childhood. That, and being a pilot. Which is why he does both – a professional pilot on one hand and a board game enthusiast on the other, Mark’s store has a staggering amount of games to choose from. From classic board and card games to more niche games that would take hours to complete, he’s got them all.

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Get Back to Games!

Website: Yalla Abu Dhabi

There is a quiet revolution happening that will be music to all parents’ ears! Board games are back with Back to Games! Yes, you heard us correctly. If you have children who seem glued to gaming on screens then hopefully they will soon wake up to the brilliance of board games. Leading the way in board games in Abu Dhabi is the fantastic shop Back to Games which Yalla loves!

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