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D&D Board Games

D&D: Castle Ravenloft [Board Game] (اللعبة الأساسية)

Dhs. 295.00
Castle Ravenloft Boardgame by Bill Slavicsek, Mike Mearls and Peter LeeThe master of Ravenloft is having guests for dinner – and you are invited!Evil lurks in the towers and dungeons of Castle Ravenloft, and only heroes of exceptional bravery can survive the horrors within. Designed for 1-5 players, this boardgame features multiple scenarios, challenging quests, and cooperative gameplay. Each player selects...

D&D: Dragonfire DBG [Core Set] (اللعبة الأساسية)

Dhs. 272.00
Description from the publisher: Dragonfire is a cooperative deck-building game set within the world of Dungeons & Dragons. Players choose from a number of races — from dwarf to elf, half-orc to human — while assuming the quintessential roles of cleric, rogue, fighter, and wizard. Equipped with weapons, spells, and magic items, players begin their adventure along the famed Sword Coast, then...

D&D: Dragonfire DBG - Adventures - Chaos in the Troll Claws (إضافة لعبة)

Dhs. 90.00
. Chaos brews in the Trollclaws as gnolls, orcs, and goblins clash in conflicts that endanger the countryside. Face new Encounters and claim new Magic Items and Market cards in the second chapter of the Dragonfire Adventures! Contents: 30 Encounter Cards 12 Market Cards 9 Magic Item Cards 5 Dragonfire Cards 2 Character Screens 18 Stickers 1 Adventure 1 Rules...

D&D: Dragonfire DBG - Character Pack - Heroes of the Sword Coast (إضافة لعبة)

Dhs. 115.00
Rally your forces with 32 additional race/class combinations, including the Ranger, Druid, Warlock, and Bard.

D&D: Dragonfire DBG - Adventures - Ravaging Sword Coast (إضافة لعبة)

Dhs. 90.00
Your relentless enemy, the hobgolin warlord Torog-Kaitan, has increased in power, and his new army is wreaking havoc up and down the Sword Coast! Challenge two new Encounter Decks, earn new Magic Items, and gain powerful new Market cards in the next chapter of Dragonfire Adventures!  

D&D: Dragonfire DBG - Wondrous Treasures (إضافة لعبة)

Dhs. 69.00
Every adventure will bring a dragon's horde of magical items to increase your ability to seize victory! Wondrous Treasures contains 52 foiled cards.

D&D: Dragonfire DBG - Adventures - Sea of Swords (إضافة لعبة)

Dhs. 90.00
Dangers lurk along the coast and in the depths of the Sea of Swords. Challenge two new Encounter Decks introducing an all-new environment: Coastal! Discover new Magic Items and Market cards in the third chapter of Dragonfire Adventures! Contents:30 encounter cards12 market cards9 magic item cards2 character screens18 stickers1 adventure1 adventure ship1 rules sheet

D&D: Dragonfire DBG - Campaign - Moonshae Storms (إضافة لعبة)

Dhs. 136.00
The Moonshae Storms campaign builds off of An Ancient Evil Arises from the base game, as your continuing quest takes you to new lands. A brewing conflict threatens to drown the Moonshae Isles, as lycanthropes and their fomorians allies seek to change the balance of power. Will you tip the tide? Moonshae Storms is the first Dragonfire Campaign Box. Face...

D&D: Dragonfire DBG - Adventures - Corruption in Calimshan (إضافة لعبة)

Dhs. 90.00
The exotic cities and arid deserts of Calimshan hide wonders untold...and terrors unknown! Conquer new encounters, including the all-new Desert environment. In the shifting sands, claim new Magic Items and Market cards, along with Crafting Poisons, in the next chapter of Dragonfire Adventures!  

D&D: Dragonfire DBG - Adventures - Sword Mountains Crypt (إضافة لعبة)

Dhs. 90.00
In the depths of the Sword Mountains lies a crypt of a mighty Orc Warlord that once raided Waterdeep! Conquer new encounters, including the first Difficulty 4, a Demilich! In tainted depths, claim new Magic Items and Market cards in the next chapter of Dragonfire Adventures!