Our Passion

Our passion is to develop and expand a sustainable and entertaining tabletop gaming culture in the UAE and across the Middle-East. In the store, a welcoming and enthusiastic team will be at the forefront, guiding you on your captivating journey into the world of tabletop gaming.

Why I love tabletop games?

Why I love tabletop games? Tabletop is an Adventure, and you can be anything! From people to meeple… From a die to a spy… From pressure to treasure… From bluffing to shuffling… From trading to invading… From nothing to something… It's a different world. My kind of world!
I love tabletop games because of the thrill of competition! When a game gets to a point where each move counts and each mistake punished, it gets my blood going! Strategy games are my jam. Blood Rage, Rising Sun, and Battle for Rokugan are my favorites to name a few. I never back down from a good challenge and whenever I play these games, I do not stop until I achieve my goal and overcome it! Yes, I am a salty person when I lose but I always tell myself that everything is just for good fun. Heck if I lose then I will have to play more, right? So, bring it on!
If you ask me, What is your favorite game? I would probably say That's a tough question. I know it's weird because I am working in a board game store, so I should know the answer. Everyone who knows me knows that I don't stick to one game for a long time. Instead, what I can tell you is my favorite game currently, Spirit Island, because there are so many possibilities and options every time I play this game. My second favourite game is Azul, mostly because it has such beautiful components. I even appreciate just looking at it. Moreover, I like the idea of a connection based abstract games with a strategic element. My third favourite is Raiders of the North Sea because it has a really unique way of using the worker placement mechanic. In addition, it's well balanced and it doesn't matter what the number of players are. This aspect is important to me, because I mostly share tabletop gaming with my husband.
I've played video games my whole life. When I was young we didn't have the internet so multiplayer wasn't a thing yet. We had the standard stuff like Ludo (Sorry) and Monopoly that we played with family and friends. That's when the seed was planted. With the explosion of tabletop gaming, it's only gotten better and more creative. It gives us a break from our mobile phones and provides us with something we can go out and do together. Whether it's smuggling Robin Hood past the Sheriff of Nottingham or fighting the Forces of Chaos with the Emperor's Angels of Death, there's a game for everyone! The thing I love the most about tabletop games though is not the games themselves, instead it is the global unity between gamers. There are no rivalries between games or arguments on which console has better exclusives, just a love for our hobby and a language we all speak… Geek.
My love for tabletop games started for the simplest of reasons: pretty dice! From there I fell into the rabbit hole of Role-Playing Games and now, all of board gaming too. My top 3 games are 1. Dominion, 2. Dominion, 3. Dominion. There's just something great about building an engine and seeing it unfold that no other mechanic can match for me; and of course, Dominion does it best. These days, other games that catch my eye are the ones with great artwork, such as Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn. Come down sometime and I'll show you how to play.
Helping your friends achieve their goals is a kind of rewarding on its own right, that’s true. However, it’s more enjoyable when you are playing party or bluffing games, destroying their plans, shocking them and making them hate you. That is truly exhilarating and the feeling I get when I crush my enemies is why I love board games.
For me, Tabletop Games are more than just games, they are worlds that all kinds of people can enjoy. My Favorite game, Magic the Gathering, is one of the best examples for this. People of different ages, denominations, nationalities, sexes and so on get together an share the wonderful experience. Tabletop gaming is a life style that all should try out.
Playing tabletop games is like reading a book, but the best part is that you get to experience the thrill of the adventures along with your friends, family or even strangers, who will soon to be your friends. You get to peek into people’s personalities, which is sooo much fun, especially when they get easily upset! WAHAHAHA!
Tabletop gamer by day, Video gamer by night. I love playing games that challenge your mind and boost your strategy skills. My top 3 tabletop games are Takenoko (because I love cute Pandas so much), Blood Rage (the more you pillage, more fun you have!), and Clank DBG (sneaky, sneaky)!
I have been playing video games since I was a kid. But when I was introduced to tabletop games, it became part of my life. I love tabletop games because the experience of playing those games is amazing. It's like entering a different world having our own roles to defeat the other players or work together to beat the game. It is also another form of communication to connect with people whether they are family, friends, or new players. Win or lose, we have that same goal, to enjoy playing tabletop games and have fun.