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MTG: Murders at Karlov Manor [Bundle] (ألعاب تداول البطاقات )

Dhs. 199.00
A series of shocking murders involving some of Ravnica’s most powerful citizens has the city on the verge of chaos. Now detectives are on the case . . . and you’re one of them. Return to the fan-favorite plane of Ravnica in Murders at Karlov Manor, Magic’s unique take on the murder mystery genre. This Murders at Karlov Manor Bundle...

MTG: LOTR Tales of Middle-earth Scene Box Display [4 Boxes] (لعبة تداول البطاقات)

Dhs. 759.00
The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Scene Box contains 6 Traditional Foil Borderless Scene Cards, 6 Art Cards, 3 Set Boosters, and a paper display easel. Each Set Booster contains 12 Magic cards, 1 Art Card, and 1 token/ad card, Helper card, or card from “The List” (a special card from Magic's history—found in 25% of packs), with...

MTG: Secret Lair [Ultimate Ed.] (لعبة تداول البطاقات)

Dhs. 1,300.00
Ultimate Edition is a collection of the five Zendikar enemy colored fetch lands last seen in Modern Masters 2017, featuring art from five of Magic's premier artists set in five popular Magic planes. The lands are packaged in a commemorative box that can be used for display. In contrast to the Drop Series, Ultimate Edition isn't sold through the webshop...

MTG: Unsanctioned (لعبة تداول البطاقات)

Dhs. 259.00
Welcome to the best unauthorized fight club in the Multiverse. The rules are unhinged, the stadium is unstable, and things are about to become unglued.