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    Sword & Sorcery - Victoria

    Dhs. 75.00
    It’s time to take a small break from Arcane Portal in favor of a new preview… The upcoming Victoria’s Hero Pack, in addition to the Ghost Soul Form figure and the Hero Power cards unveiled some time ago, includes 3 new ancient and powerful Treasure cards!

    Sword & Sorcery - Onamor

    Dhs. 75.00
    Add a new, powerful character to your Sword & Sorcery® campaign with this Hero Pack! Sometimes, heroes are shadowy figures dabbling in the dark arts or renegades from their kin… Born into a family of powerful wizards, descendants of Avalon, Onamor can be played as either a Chaotic Necromancer or a Lawful Summoner. As a Necromancer, Onamor traded the very essence of his...