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Orleans (اللعبة الأساسية)

Dhs. 272.00
During the medieval goings-on around Orléans, you must assemble a following of farmers, merchants, knights, monks, etc. to gain supremacy through trade, construction and science in medieval France. In the city of Orléans and the area of the Loire, you can take trade trips to other cities to acquire coveted goods and build trading posts. You need followers and their...

Orleans - 5th Player (إضافة لعبة)

Dhs. 90.00
Contains 5th player components for Orléans. Also includes a solo scenario.

Orleans - Invasion (إضافة لعبة)

Dhs. 226.00
Orléans: Invasion, the first large expansion for the award-winning game "Orléans", contains six scenarios, new buildings, and several new event-cards.

Orleans - Trade & Intrigue (إضافة لعبة)

Dhs. 139.00
Orléans: Trade & Intrigue is the second large expansion for the award-winning game Orléans. In addition to new place tiles, this expansion contains a new "beneficial deeds" game board, a new and challenging set of events, and trade contracts. The "Intrigue" introduces ways to hinder your opponents' progress or even allow you to take over your opponents' achievements.