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POK TCG: Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR Premium Collection (لعبة تداول البطاقات)

Dhs. 289.00
Filled with spite and malice, Hisuian Zoroark uses illusions to confuse its opponents and play tricks on them. Luckily, it becomes an invaluable ally once you earn its trust. This Premium Collection is just what you need to get Hisuian Zoroark on your side: it includes a copy of Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR and a full-art Hisuian Zoroark V. Hisuian Zoroark...

POK TCG: League Battle Deck - Mew VMAX (لعبة تداول البطاقات)

Dhs. 189.00
Team up with Mew VMAX and finish opponents with the power of Fusion Strike! This Pokémon VMAX is yours in this League-ready deck that's perfect for skilled Trainers and Pokémon TCG players. With a slew of cards including premium foil cards and a well-tuned set of Pokémon and Trainer cards, the Mew VMAX League Battle Deck features one of the...