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SW Destiny

Star Wars: RPG - Force and Destiny - Adventures - Ghosts of Dathomir (لوازم للعبة تبادل الأدوار)

Dhs. 137.00
The dark side is calling you in Ghosts of Dathomir, an adventure supplement for the Star Wars™: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game. When a mysterious and powerful artifact suddenly surfaces on Toydaria, you embark on a journey into the lawless Outer Rim. Along the way you’ll enter negotiations with a ruthless Hutt kajidic, experience relentless Force visions, and discover some...

Star Wars: RPG - Force and Destiny - Core Rulebook (لعبة تبادل الأدوار)

Dhs. 272.00
Use the full power of the Force in the epic adventures of the Force and Destiny roleplaying game! You can travel the galaxy in search of ancient Jedi knowledge, protect the downtrodden on your home planet, or pilot a starship for the Rebellion. Whatever your path, the Force and Destiny Core Rulebook contains all the information players and Game Masters need to launch a...

Star Wars: Destiny - Gamemat - Awakenings 2-Player (لوازم لعبة لوحية)

Dhs. 115.00
Span the space between two players with the massive, 26" by 26" natural rubber Awakenings Two-Player Playmat, allowing you both to enjoy a clean, classy play surface simultaneously. When Star Wars: Destiny releases, you'll immediately be cast straight into the Star Wars saga, playing out the stunning battles from the movies or creating your own battles from your imagination. With plenty of space for all...

Star Wars: RPG - Force and Destiny - Beginner Game (لعبة تبادل الأدوار)

Dhs. 137.00
The Star Wars®: Force and Destiny Beginner Game is the perfect entry into the Star Wars: Force and Destiny roleplaying experience for players of all skill levels. With its complete, learn-as-you-go adventure, players can open the box, ignite their lightsabers, and explore their destinies as Force users in the Star Wars galaxy. Pre-generated character folios keep the rules right at your fingertips, while custom...

Star Wars: Destiny - Dice Binder - Darth Vader (لوازم للعبة تداول البطاقات)

Dhs. 69.00
Signal your command of the Force from the moment you first sit down to the table. The Darth Vader Dice Binder for Star Wars: Destiny offers durable protection and organization for all the dice and cards from your favorite Destiny deck. Its plastic tray neatly arranges your dice in rows, keeping their faces visible and easy to locate, while its stunning artwork immerses you more...

Star Wars: Destiny - Convergence [Booster] (لعبة تداول البطاقات)

Dhs. 13.00
Explore the galaxy with Convergence, a new set of boosters for Star Wars: Destiny featuring 180 new cards! Convergence introduces a variety of new mechanics into Star Wars: Destiny, including the ability to hinder your opponent's characters with potent downgrades. Place a bounty on your enemies, lock on to them with a fleet of vehicles, or attack them mentally with...

Star Wars: Destiny - Way of the Force [Booster] (لعبة تداول البطاقات)

Dhs. 13.00
The Force is a mystery to many in the Star Wars galaxy. Empire's have risen and fallen throughout the galaxy, yet the Force has remained a constant. Whether it's the allure of the Dark Side or the path of the Light, the Force permeates every living thing. The most iconic Star Wars characters are guided by the Force, whether they believe in it or...

Star Wars: Destiny - Legacies [Booster] (لعبة تداول البطاقات)

Dhs. 13.00
Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Legacies, a new 160-card booster set for Star Wars¢: Destiny Legacies continues the evolution of Star Wars: Destiny, expanding on classic archetypes while introducing new mechanics, including a new die symbol and a new card type. Star Wars: Destiny will never be the same again. - description provided by the publisher

Star Wars: RPG - Force and Destiny - Supplements - Keeping the Peace (لعبة تبادل الأدوار)

Dhs. 137.00
Fight for justice with Keeping the Peace, a sourcebook for Guardian charactrers in the Star Wars®: Force and Destiny? Roleplaying Game. In a galaxy ravaged by injustice and war, Guardians use the Force to make a positive difference in the lives of others, heal the galaxy's wounds, and establish peace wherever possible. This career supplement offers Guardian characters incomparable tools...

Star Wars: Destiny - Covert Missions [Booster] (لعبة تداول البطاقات)

Dhs. 15.00
The galaxy can change in a single instant. The destruction of Alderaan announced to the galaxy that the dreaded Death Star was fully operational. In the same way the Rebel's swift destruction of the Death Star brought a spark of hope to the galaxy and signaled a changing tide. These covert missions are undertaken by some of the most iconic...

Star Wars: Destiny - Luke Skywalker [Starter Set] (لعبة تداول البطاقات)

Dhs. 69.00
Discover the legacy of two of the galaxies greatest heroes with the Luke Skywalker Starter Set for Star Wars: Destiny! The set lets you take control of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in their battle against the Empire. With twenty-four cards and nine dice, the Luke Skywalker Starter Set contains everything you need to start your journey into Star Wars: Destiny. With powerful abilities,...

Star Wars: RPG - Force and Destiny - Sourcebook - Knights of Fate (لعبة تبادل الأدوار)

Dhs. 137.00
The galaxy is a dangerous place. The teachings and traditions of the Jedi have been lost to treachery and murder. A new generation of those who wield the Force alongside martial training or physical prowess stand against the corrupting darkness. Whether to protect the innocent or assault the enemies of peace, Warriors invoke unparalleled mastery of combat bolstered by the...