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Open Season

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  • Publisher: Sit Down!
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In Open Season, you play as a monster — a little cruel, but wishing to do things right — who has decided to take revenge on the groups of adventurers who come to disturb their peace. After getting rid of them, you still have to decorate your living room properly, so you try to assemble a nice collection of heads on the wall. The game takes place over nine rounds, then players score. Players take turns clockwise, doing the following on their turn: 1. Fill the market to five face up cards. 2. Take a card from the market, and place it on a free space on their board. 3. Trigger any bonus actions; these three actions are associated with the top three slots of your player board, and you trigger one when you place a card in your reserve matching a person associated with one of the three actions. If by activating a bonus action, a new card is placed in your reserve, it can trigger another bonus action. On your player board All slots in the top row must contain different peoples and/or face down cards. The two cards on either side of the "Different" symbol must be of different peoples and/or face down cards. All slots in the bottom row must contain different peoples and/or face down cards. After nine rounds, the game ends, then players count their points.