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    Star Wars

    Star Wars: X-Wing: Core Set (Force Awakens)

    Dhs. 185.00
    Featuring beautifully detailed painted miniatures, X-Wing is a two-player game of dramatic starfighter battles set in the Star Wars universe. You and your opponent take command of Resistance X-wings and First Order TIE fighters, then battle head-to-head for the fate of the galaxy. Secretly plot your maneuvers, fly at your enemies, take aim, and fire. It takes just minutes to...

    Star Wars - X-Wing 2nd Ed. Core Set

    Dhs. 185.00
    Enter the next era of interstellar combat in the Star Wars galaxy! In X-Wing Second Edition, you assemble a squadron of iconic starfighters from across the Star Wars saga and engage in fast-paced, high-stakes space combat with iconic pilots such as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. With refined gameplay that focuses on the physical act of flying starships, X-Wing Second Edition lets you create your own Star Wars space...

    Star Wars - X-Wing 2nd Ed: Fang Fighter (Scum & Villainy)

    Dhs. 90.00
    Mandalorians are known throughout the galaxy as ferocious warriors, and the sight of their iconic armor enough to strike fear in even the most hardened Imperial or Rebel. When it comes to space combat, the pilots of Mandalore prefer one starfighter above all others: the Fang Fighter. The Fang Fighter Expansion Pack includes a fully pre-painted Fang Fighter miniature, a maneuver dial,...

    Star Wars: IA - Return to Hoth

    Dhs. 272.00
    The Rebels’ base on Hoth has been discovered by the Empire! As Imperial walkers descend to the surface and the last transports flee, a few heroes of the Rebellion step forward to protect a colony of refugees. Little do they know that their heroic actions will eventually lead them back to the very place from which they fled: Hoth! Return...

    Star Wars: IA - Dice Pack

    Dhs. 55.00
    Star Wars: Imperial Assault Dice Pack contains eleven combat dice that are identical to the eleven combat dice found in the Star Wars: Imperial Assault Core Set. With these extra dice at your disposal, you'll never need to pause in your games, whether you're commanding squads of Stormtroopers, or leading an elite team of Rebel operatives — unless, of course, you get hungry...

    Star Wars - X-Wing 2nd Ed: ARC-170 Starfighter

    Dhs. 136.00
    The ARC-170 is the Galactic Republic's mainstay heavy starfighter. Equipped torpedoes allow this intimidating craft to smash through foes that might repel the Republic's more lightly armed ships, while its rear gunner makes it difficult to approach from most angles. Whether defending the flanks of a formation or giving support to a Jedi General, the ARC-170 has an imposing presence...

    Star Wars - X-Wing 2nd Ed: Resistance Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit

    Dhs. 46.00
    Carry on the spark of the Rebellion and signal your dedication to protect freedom throughout the galaxy with the Resistance Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit. During every game of X-Wing Second Edition, you and your opponent will secretly plot your ships’ movements on cardboard maneuver dials. The dial upgrade kit contains three plastic protectors that situate a ship’s dial within a secure housing,...