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No Thank You, Evil! (لعبة تبادل الأدوار)

Dhs. 185.00
No Thank You, Evil! is a tabletop game of creative make-believe, adventure, and storytelling. In No Thank You, Evil!, you create a character based on a couple of cool, descriptive, imagination-firing traits. The Guide (a special role often played by a parent or older sibling) presents a dilemma, and the players set off on an adventure of the imagination. Along...

Numenera RPG: Starter Set (لعبة تبادل الأدوار)

Dhs. 115.00
There have been eight previous worlds. Each world stretched across vast millennia. Each saw civilizations flourish before dying, scattering, or transcending. Those that ruled these worlds spoke to the stars, reengineered their bodies, and mastered form and essence. But now they are gone. The people of the new world—the Ninth World—live among the ruined majesty of an unimaginable past. Are...

No Thank You, Evil! - Its Raining Cats and Dinosaurs (إضافة لعبة)

Dhs. 115.00
Flower Power!, Oh No! Snow!, Doom and Gloom Steal the Moon!, and It’s Raining Cats and Dinosaurs!: Four complete new adventures for No Thank You, Evil! that take you on a tour of Storia filled  with crazy characters, whimsical locations, and loads of fun. And that’s not all: You also get a bunch of fun stuff for your Storia adventures....

No Thank You, Evil! - I'm a Guide! (لعبة تبادل الأدوار)

Dhs. 115.00
I'm a Guide! is a hands-on, step-by-step kit for kids who are ready to take on the role of a Guide. Easy-to-follow instructions help kids run a simple adventure, learning along the way so they can go on to run more advanced stories, or even make up their own - and achieve a wild success at being a Guide! And...

Numenera RPG: Dice Set [x4] (لوازم للعبة تبادل الأدوار)

Dhs. 58.00
Located bilion years in the future, The numeral RPG presents a new approach to traditional fantasy, creating unique way to stimulate the imagination of gamers all over the world. Players explore a world full of Secrets and hazard to find ancient artifacts of the previous civilizations and technology. Numenera lets your character discover the miracles of the worlds that collapses...

No Thank You, Evil! - Uh-Oh, Monsters! (لعبة تبادل الأدوار)

Dhs. 136.00
No Thank You, Evil!: Uh-Oh, Monsters! is an adventure expansion that includes everything you need to run new adventures for No Thank You, Evil!

No Thank You, Evil! - Story, Please! (لعبة تبادل الأدوار)

Dhs. 90.00
No Thank You, Evil!: Story, Please! is a one hundred-card deck stuffed full of evocative art and creative ideas, letting you quickly build hundreds of unique adventures for No Thank You, Evil!

Numenera RPG: Jade Colossus (لعبة تبادل الأدوار)

Dhs. 185.00
Mysterious, powerful, and usually dangerous, the vast ruins of the prior worlds contain secrets and marvels beyond imagining. Explore one such gigantic ruin—the Jade Colossus—in detail. Or create your own, using the Numenera Ruin Mapping Engine to create ancient sites large or small, with all the wonder and weirdness you expect in the Ninth World setting. Run an entire campaign...

Numenera RPG: Ninth World Bestiary 2 (لعبة تبادل الأدوار)

Dhs. 205.00
The Ninth World is unlike any other fantasy setting: weird, imaginative, dangerous, and often a bit creepy. The creatures of the Numenera setting are no differentand the Ninth World Bestiary 2 gives you 170 new ones to populate your campaign. Lavishly illustrated, wildly imaginative, and cleverly organized to make the GM's job as easy as possible, Ninth World Bestiary 2...