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Get Bit! [Deluxe Tin Ed.] (اللعبة الأساسية)

Dhs. 121.00
"You don't have to be faster than the shark, just faster than your friends!" Get Bit! is a card game where players are competing to stay alive as the others are being eaten by the shark. The order of the swimmers is determined by simultaneously playing cards face-down then revealing the values. The number on each player's card determines position...

Sleeves: Mayday - Premium - Yucatan Narrow [54 x 80mm] [x50] (لوازم لعبة لوحية)

Dhs. 14.00
Tired of not having sleeves for your Yucatan games? We're proud to present the Yucatan Narrow Card Game Sleeves! These sleeves are expertly crafted to fit all of your 54x80mm cards!

Sleeves: Mayday - Tiny Epic Kingdom Premium [88 X 125 MM] [x50] (لوازم لعبة لوحية)

Dhs. 18.00
These card sleeves are a perfect fit for games like Tiny Epic Kingdoms™ and many others!

Macroscope (اللعبة الأساسية)

Dhs. 136.00
Macroscope features a funky box-shaped device covered with cardboard tokens, and this device comes loaded with two hundred double-sided cards, with each card featuring a black-and-white line drawing. On a turn, a player rolls the two dice, then removes one or two tokens from the box that match the numbers rolled. When you remove a token, you see through a...

Sleeves: Mayday - Standard [87 x 56 mm] [x100] (لوازم لعبة لوحية)

Dhs. 12.00
The Harbor Le Havre Set, Includes enough tokens to replace all of the workers in Le Havre + a bonus pack of card sleeves for the game too!, 100% Wood pieces, Safety Tested and Quality Assured!

Viceroy (اللعبة الأساسية)

Dhs. 94.20Dhs. 157.00
Viceroy is a board game of bidding and resource management set in the fantasy universe of the famous Russian CCG Berserk. As the players struggle for control over the world of Laar, they recruit a variety of allies and enact various laws. These cards allow players to develop their state's military and magical might, increase their authority, and get precious...