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    Guild Ball

    Guild Ball: Miner's Guild - Digging For Victory

    Dhs. 363.00
    Down to earth and pragmatic, Shaft is a redoubtable man who doesn't suffer fools gladly. On the field he isn't shy of hard work either, directing his crew forward towards victory and forcing the opposition out of position with his precise toolkit. This set includes a ball, bases, a 3D terrain piece, a goalpost, and 6 players: Shaft, Digger, Spade,...

    Guild Ball: Butcher's Guild - Veteran Boar

    Dhs. 90.00
    If you're a Butcher's Guild coach and want to drive your foes before you, or searching for a fearsome warrior for your party of D&D heroes, look no further and pick up Veteran Boar today!

    Guild Ball: Mortician's Guild - Mourn

    Dhs. 69.00
    The first of a new wave of exciting captain models for Guild Ball, if you're a Mortician coach or looking to add spooky flavour to your D&D adventure, you won't want to miss out on adding her to your collection today!

    Guild Ball: Hunter's Guild - Steeljaw

    Dhs. 69.00
    Hunter's Guild coaches will not want to miss out on this first glimpse of a player from their enigmatic desert kin, and roleplayers searching for an unforgiving trapper or warlord need look no further. Don't miss out, and add Steeljaw to your collection today!

    Guild Ball: Fisherman's Guild - Yukai

    Dhs. 69.00
    Master of the ancient rites and traditions of the fisherfolk, Yukai's craft is more akin to delicate art than the clumsy efforts of other Fishermen. With each movement comes fluidity, grace and poise, inspiring friend and foe alike.

    Guild Ball: Cook's Guild - Hell's Kitchen

    Dhs. 272.00
    The Cooks are the fourth of the Minor Guilds to reveal themselves, after the Ratcatchers, Falconers, and Navigators. Allied with the vicious Butcher's Guild, the Cook's ability to whip up a buffet of blood puts these two Guilds in perfect synchronisation.