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Guild Ball

Guild Ball: Kick-Off!

Dhs. 310.00
In Kick Off!, two players take on the role of team coach for either the rowdy Brewers or the tactical Masons and play a match of Guild Ball, a bloody mob football game of intense action and high stakes.

Guild Ball: Season 3

Dhs. 167.00
The Season 3 Rulebook brings you the continuing stories of your favorite players from the world of Guild Ball and the Empire of the Free Cities. Along with updated art and stories, the book features the rules for all Guilds, including the new releases and the all-new Farmer's Guild.

Guild Ball: Season 3 - Plot Card Deck

Dhs. 51.00
Guild Ball isn’t just a sport, but a political arena in which the guilds fight for influence. Players are often given special instructions before a game, their actions preventing the seizing of power and settling old grudges. The Guild Ball Plot Cards provide a representation of this intrigue in the game, an unexpected card foiling even the best laid plans....

Guild Ball - Blacksmiths: Bolt (Limited Ed.)

Dhs. 45.00
Guild Ball: The Blacksmith's Guild – Forged From Steel is an expansion for Guild Ball.

Guild Ball: Blacksmith - Dice Pack

Dhs. 69.00
A sturdy grey marbled effect with Blacksmith's Guild Logo on the 6 makes these dice irresistible to the Guild Ball Collector, and any Coach wanting to lead the Blacksmith's Guild.

Guild Ball: Blacksmith - Forged From Steel Tokens

Dhs. 105.00
This set includes neoprene 3-inch area of effect markers and acrylic tokens.

Guild Ball - Butchesr: The Bloody Master

Dhs. 310.00
Tougher than gristle, Ox sees Guild Ball as nothing but brutal blood sport. More merciless maniac than athlete, the master butcher has transformed the pitch into a kitchen nightmare—cleavers, knives, hooks, you name it, his team wields it. Why the cutlery? Because to this deranged butcher, everyone—even his teammates—is a succulent meat bag, crying out for pain. His team’s playstyle...

Guild Ball - Butchers: The Scarlet Circle

Dhs. 310.00
Inheritor of the Master Butcher’s throne, Fillet is one of the deadliest individuals throughout the Empire. A peerless duellist, she delights in playing with her opponents; dancing around them as she cuts bloody strips out of their exposed skin before bleeding them dry when she grows bored. Like any Butcher team, Fillet’s side will punish their opponents mercilessly – but...

Guild Ball - Exiles: New Alliances

Dhs. 310.00
Guild Ball: The Exiles – New Alliances includes a ball, 3 Jawbone Trap markers, 6 player cards, bases, and 6 players: Veteran Honour, Veteran Hemlocke, Veteran Minx, Veteran Decimate, Veteran Gutter, and Veteran Harriet "The Hat".

Guild Ball: Tourney Kit - Daughter of Falcons (Launch Pack)

Dhs. 188.00
Leader of her flock, the Daughter of Falcons directs her team with merciless efficiency, isolating her prey methodically before the skies darken and death plummets from above. On the rare occasion her victim might escape their fate, it is only because Devana has instead chosen to steal the ball, directing it away to her teammates and safety. The ruthless stare...

Guild Ball: Falconer's Guild - Dice Pack

Dhs. 69.00
Passed down to you by none other than the Daughter of Falcons herself, these dice are a mark of respect and duty to clan, a symbol of the enduring loyalty amongst brothers and sisters. With them at your fingertips no feat is too great, no hardship unbearable. Soar as the birds on the wind with these 10 noble dice, writing...

Guild Ball: Falconer - Falcons Tokens

Dhs. 55.00
This set includes neoprene 3-inch area of effect markers and acrylic tokens.