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Museum (اللعبة الأساسية)

Dhs. 272.00
It’s the turn of the 20th century, the golden age of museums. As interest in and accessibility of museums grew exponentially, many institutions underwent an intense period of expansion on both an intellectual and physical level, searching to grow their collections for profit and science. You play as a curator of one such museum and it’s your job to build...

Medici: The Card Game (اللعبة الأساسية)

Dhs. 105.00
Medici: The Card Game is a new design by Reiner Knizia that shares the setting and feel of the classic Medici board game, without using that game's auction mechanisms. In 15th century Florence, players try to acquire the most valuable goods for their merchant ships by drawing 1-3 cards from a common deck each turn. After drawing, the active player...

Dominations: Road to Civilization (اللعبة الأساسية)

Dhs. 272.00
Dominations: Road to Civilization is a 2-4 player game by Olivier Melison and Eric Dubus. In this domino-based civilization building game, players take on the role of a primitive tribe, which they will seek to grow into a nation whose influence will echo through the ages...

Museum: Pictura (اللعبة الأساسية)

Dhs. 295.00
Museum: Pictura is a standalone set collection game for 2-4 players by Olivier Melison and Eric Dubus, in which you take on the role of an aspiring curator in an art museum. Set in the roaring 20’s, the game is gorgeously illustrated in art deco style by French artist Loïc Muzy, while the 180 paintings featured in the game have...

Rallyman: GT - World Tour (إضافة لعبة)

Dhs. 92.00
Take your races abroad with World tour and compete on tracks inspired by famous circuits from around the world! The World Tour expansion brings 12 new tiles to use in creating 10 new tracks, or giving you even more options when creating your own!

Rallyman: GT - Team Challenge (إضافة لعبة)

Dhs. 115.00
Team Challenge includes an all new race mode: Pursuit! Using the double starting tile, watch as up to 12 cars race in two packs, creating some intense action if one group catches up to the other! With that many cars on the track, this expansion also contains all new 4 -lane tiles which you can use to replace straights and...

Rallyman: GT - GT5 (إضافة لعبة)

Dhs. 92.00
The GT5 expansion includes 6 new cars that only have 5 black Gear dice. However, they more than make up for it with the addition of a new Boost die! This green die works just like a Brake die except that it allows you to skip a gear when accelerating instead of slowing down! New Dashboards for the GT6 cars...

Rallyman: GT - GT4 (إضافة لعبة)

Dhs. 92.00
GT4 are lighter, classic cars, and while they may not have the horsepower of the GT S's and GT 6's, they more than make up for it in agility! GT4 cars only have 4 Gear dice. However, they have 3 Coast dice instead of 2, giving them a major advantage on tricky sections of track where your speed is limited....

Rallyman: GT - Championship (إضافة لعبة)

Dhs. 92.00
The Championship expansion is a campaign mode that lets you compete with your friends over several races, testing your skills on 8 different tracks. Each track is played in 2 laps, and you can use the 8 new tracks included in the Championship rulebook or invent your own! Depending on your finishing position, you'll gain points at the end of...

Rallyman: GT (اللعبة الأساسية)

Dhs. 226.00
Start your Engines! Rallyman GT is a Roll and Move game with a simple yet exciting dice mechanic that invites players to push their luck and navigate the terrain as best they can. Will you take a risk and squeeze every last second out of the track, or will you play it cool and avoid spinning out on hard corners,...

Kashgar: Merchants of the Silk Road (اللعبة الأساسية)

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In Kashgar: Händler der Seidenstraße, the players trade different spices that are coming over the silk road from Asia to Europe. Each player has control over three caravans. In the beginning, each caravan consists of three cards that are spread out vertically so that the top part of each card is visible; each card stands for a caravan member with...