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      Exploding Kittens

      The King's Abbey

      Dhs. 272.00
      In AD 1096, hope fills the air like a bird's song after a long winter, the seeming endless road of the Dark Ages may soon come to an end. For years now, warlords have roamed the land, every surface is covered with filth, and disease has ripped through towns like great tornadoes. King Sivolc has dreamed that building a great...

      You've Got Crabs

      Dhs. 146.00
      Form teams of two players each (max of 5 teams). Each team meets privately to come up with a non vocal signal to indicate when either teammate collects 4 of the same Crab Card. Each player will get a hand of 4 cards.One side plays at a time. On a side’s turn, all players on that side can simultaneously swap...

      You've Got Crabs - Imitation Crab

      Dhs. 125.00
      Create an advantage for your team, look like a crab doing it - description provided by publisher