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    Dhs. 146.00
    Quantik is a pure abstract strategy game. The goal is to be the first player to pose the fourth different forms of a line, a column or a square zone. Each turn the players will put one of their pieces on the boardgame. It's forbidden to put a shape in a line, a column or an area on which this...

    Chess: Toy Story

    Dhs. 262.00
    Some of the most beloved characters from Disney Pixar Toy Story come to life in this Toy Story Collector's Chess Set.


    Dhs. 499.00
    This game entry refers to two nearly identical games that are not compatible with one another. Ages 6 and up. PitchCar and Carabande are dexterity games where large, wooden, puzzle-like pieces are used to construct a race track that looks very similar to a slot car track when finished. But instead of using electrons, players use finger-flicks to send small...

    PitchCar - Extension 1

    Dhs. 359.00
    Carabande Action Set and PitchCar Extension are two remarkably similar products, but each is only compatible with its base-game, and they have differing content.

    PitchCar - Extension 2

    Dhs. 289.00
    Expansion pack for PitchCar only. This is not compatible with Carabande.

    Kill Doctor Lucky (Ann. Ed)

    Dhs. 167.00
    In this notorious game, an inversion of Clue, you hate Doctor Lucky. Maybe he left you out of his will. Maybe he killed your pet rock. Whatever the reason, you want him dead. Unfortunately, so do the other players. Since you don't want to go to jail, you need to make your attempt in secret; if anybody can see you,...