• Order of Leitbur (Male) (Bertrand Lestree) [Pro Tour Collector Set]

Order of Leitbur (Male) (Bertrand Lestree) [Pro Tour Collector Set]

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  • Publisher: Magic: The Gathering
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  • Tag: Common Creature , Human Cleric Knight , Normal , Pro Tour Collector Set , White ,
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Set: Pro Tour Collector Set
Type: Creature — Human Cleric Knight
Rarity: Common
Cost: {W}{W}
Protection from black
{W}: Order of Leitbur gains first strike until end of turn.
{W}{W}: Order of Leitbur gets +1/+0 until end of turn.
"The powers of the corrupt will fade before the fury of the pure." —Bethan Leitbur, "The Way"