• Battlemat: Wiz Dice - Melee, Reversible, Vinyl [26

Battlemat: Wiz Dice - Melee, Reversible, Vinyl [26"x26"] (لوازم لعبة لوحية)

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One of the greatest strengths of tabletop gaming is that the possibilities are literally endless, limited only by the imaginations of intrepid players and gleefully scheming dungeon masters. Campaigns, characters and settings are adaptable to an infinite degree because the game assets exist in the mind, because they aren't printed on game boards, trading cards, and the like. Often the only physical elements of a table top game are character sheets, maybe some miniatures, and a set of fair but unforgiving polyhedral dice. Think of battle mats as steroids for your campaigns. Formerly nebulous dungeons now have distinct, exacting shapes, like bottlenecks to force tough engagements, or blind spots for traps and ambushes. Devote a single 1” hex amongst a sea of 724 others to house a nefarious pressure plate. Lend your post-apocalyptic wasteland some scenery to appreciate and geography to negotiate. Graph out precise areas of effect, reveal lines of sight. Battle mats add lucidity, but also complexity. Why You'll Love It: Our double-sided Melee Mat is made from durable, textured vinyl. It travels and stores well but lays flat when unrolled, unlike laminated card stock mats. Each Melee Mat measures a compact 26"; by 26" but features a roomy 625 square inches of usable space. Accommodating several styles of play and sets of rules, the Melee Mat uses both a hex and a grid system, packing an impressive 725 hexes and 625 squares onto a mat just over 2 square feet. Note:Because this mat is made from textured vinyl, it is not 100% eraseable. However, we have experienced good results with Vis a Vis wet erase markers. For best results, use only wet erase markers, and try to erase within 3-4 hours. Please note that the included marker is permanent, and whenever you test new markers, do so on an inconspicuous part of the mat.