• Playing Cards: Midway Monsters - Super Jumbo Oversize (ورق لعب)

Playing Cards: Midway Monsters - Super Jumbo Oversize (ورق لعب)

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  • Publisher: Midway Monsters
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Cards Built for a King or Queen! Impress your friends at your next poker night with Super Jumbo Playing Cards from Midway Monsters. Up the ante with this deck, measuring 8.25" x 11.75", these cards are 8 times bigger than a standard deck. All 54 cards, jokers included, are clear coated for extra durability, so the cards will always be stacked in your favor. Surprise your friends at your next poker night, impress them with magic tricks, use the cards for decorations at theme parties, or make a humongous house of cards! These Super Jumbo playing cards are built for a King or Queen, just make sure you play your cards close to your chest. Why you’ll love it: This giant deck comes in a monster mega deck box sure to spark the excitement and curiosity of your friends and family. The cards are noticeably bigger than other large-size cards, as well as extra durable and clear coated for long lasting entertainment. You won’t find anything missing from this deck, even the joker cards are included! Watch your friends’ reactions as you pull out your jumbo size deck of cards, or place it on your living room table to encourage more family poker and casino game nights!