• The Army Painter: Brushes -Mega Brush Set (لوازم للهواة)

The Army Painter: Brushes -Mega Brush Set (لوازم للهواة)

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The most popular Miniature Paint Brushes are now in a pack of their own! The Army Painter Wargamer Most Wanted Brush Set is an indispensable set for serious hobbyists. The miniature brushes have long-lasting durability and high-quality standards, making the set a popular choice among novice and advanced miniature model painters. Quality You can Trust — Each miniature brush comes with hairs that are clumped together with hard-wearing nickel ferrules. Expect NO SINGLE STRAND falling off while you’re painting or cleaning the brushes. Triangular Designed Handles – With this ergonomic design, there’s no more brush slipping off of your fingers and messing up your work. This type of handles also makes long painting sessions much more comfortable, convenient and easier on your hands. This set includes 3 Wargamer brushes: 1.) Insane Detail – This is an extremely fine and small paint brush made from the purest Rotmarder sable hairs. True to its name, it allows you to paint insanely small details with great accuracy, such as coloring the iris of an eye of a 28mm miniature. 2.) Regiment – Made of Rotmarder sable hairs, this paintbrush is perfectly sized for speedpainting bulk troops. Its sharp tip and considerable size make 4.)base-coating easy and fast. Small Drybrush – This angular flat paint miniature dry brush that boasts the innovative 43-degree angle cut that is ideal for hitting creases and crevices. It can also be used for dry-brushing small miniatures. Keep your brushes in great condition. Always clean your brushes after use, preferably with warm water. Avoid having paint dry up on the bristles and ferrule, as it can cause the bristles to splay over time and the ferrule weakened.