Since the advent of the PC, almost all gamers in contemporary society have become fixated on all manner of screens; be they monitor, tablet, mobile phone or television.  Such avenues of entertainment provide a single channel of information where the player is always on the receiving end, lacking the excitement and challenge of social interaction.  Hence, ‘screen gaming’ has isolated us, completely eliminating natural face-to-face contact and direct personal communication with others.

Back to Games seeks to change this by bringing families and friends back together through the enjoyment of a themed or strategic tabletop game. By experiencing one of humanity’s oldest leisurely pastimes, these contemporary games allow us to revive and stimulate our society, deeply benefiting from this reconnection to one another.

Game Types

Many of our tabletop games are themed to specific historical, fantasy or science fiction based settings, giving a vibrant array of choices suiting any type of imaginative game seeker.

At our shop you will find all our games divided and shelved under the following five categories:

  • Back to History: comprises all games themed in a historical or pre-historical setting. These games take you back to another time and place where you are left immersed in the artistry and unique atmosphere as the game unfolds.
  • Back to Fantasy: consists of games stemming from fantastical ideas, set in fantasy worlds, or drawn from the realms of manga and comic books. Here is where the imagination of both the game designer and player has no boundaries.
  • Back to Sci-Fi: encompasses games set in the imagined future, including those featuring space exploration and extraterrestrial themes. The Universe is each game’s playground and the players, its inspiration.
  • Back to Friends: includes games that are easy to learn and suitable for larger groups of friends at social gatherings or house parties. Laugh your time away as you challenge each other’s creativity and wit.
  • Back to Family: features games that bring siblings or parents and their children back together, by enjoying fulfilling quality time. Depending on the product’s theme, some games can benefit children by further developing their hand-to-eye coordination, spatial awareness, basic arithmetic skills or even learning actual facts and figures related to the game’s topic.
  • Back to Classics: do you remember those board games you used to play in the good old days? Well guess what.. We have those too! If it’s Monopoly, Risk, Cluedo, Jenga, Twister or Battle Ship, stop by and feel nostalgic at Back to Games.