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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Hobby Starter Brush Set (لوازم للهواة)

Dhs. 99.00
Designed specifically for basecoating miniatures. The Standard Brush is the perfect size for achieving smooth, even coverage. Drybrush to quickly and easily create great effects on your wargaming figures. Designed with an ultra-fine point, perfect for adding details to your model such as eyes, tattoos, belt buckles and much more!

The Army Painter: Hydro Pack for Wet Palette

Dhs. 55.00
The perfect top up pack for The Army Painter Wet Palette. This Hydro Pack contains 50x pieces of Hydro sheets and 2x pieces of air-tight Hydro foams.Note: The Hydro Pack is a refill set for the Wet Palette. Complete refill package – In this Hydro Pack you get a complete set of 50 Hydro Palette Paper Sheets and 2 Hydro...

The Army Painter: Supplies - Battlefields Basing Set

Dhs. 69.00
The Battlefields series has been made to give unlimited options to the wargamer, when he/she decides on what type of bases the miniatures should have. All the materials are the best quality the market can offer the range has 2 series: the Essential series is the foundation of the base, with gravel, rocks, scatter and Static Grass. The Essentials are...

The Army Painter: Supplies - Essential - Brown Battleground Basing (لوازم للهواة)

Dhs. 23.00
Coloured sand in 3 different sizes for the perfect foundation of any base. Can also be painted any colour to resemble any climate or setting.

The Army Painter: Supplies - Essential - Snow Scatter (لوازم للهواة)

Dhs. 23.00
For any arctic climate or winter bases. Gives a nice sharp contrast to darker or very multi-coloured models.

The Army Painter: Supplies - Essential - Steppe Grass Static (لوازم للهواة)

Dhs. 23.00
Use Battlefield Steppe Grass to create the illusion of wild or dry grass on any base.