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Pokemon - May 13, 2022

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POK TCG: Arceus V Figure Box (لعبة تداول البطاقات)

Dhs. 199.00
Bring the power of the majestic Alpha Pokémon to your team with the Pokémon TCG: Arceus V Figure Collection. Included are both a beautifully detailed figure and an incredible Arceus V foil promo card that shows multiple Pokémon staring up at Arceus, with Mount Coronet looming in the background.   Arceus V has proven itself to be extremely useful in...

POK TCG: PokeBall Tin [Spring Q2] (لعبة تداول البطاقات)

Dhs. 119.00
The Pokémon TCG: Poké Ball Tin contains 3 Pokémon TCG booster packs and 1 Pokémon coin. A great way to add to your Pokemon collection A wonderful item for your Pokemon Fans and collectors alike. Picture may be different from the actual product due to variety.

POK TCG: Morpeko V Union Box (لعبة تداول البطاقات)

Dhs. 189.00
Harness the power of a Pokémon V-UNION with the hangry Morpeko in the Pokémon TCG: Morpeko V-UNION Special Collection. With a little help from Professor Burnet, you can assemble the four included cards to form Morpeko V-UNION. Then unleash a smorgasbord of attacks while gobbling up Energy and other useful cards! Morpeko V-UNION takes up just one place on your...

POK TCG: Lucario VStar Premium Pin Collection (لعبة تداول البطاقات)

Dhs. 209.00
The mighty Lucario is ready to battle in the Pokémon TCG: Lucario VSTAR Premium Collection. This set includes two stunning etched promo cards featuring the popular Pokémon. First up is Lucario V, whose Crushing Punch lets you discard a Special Energy from your opponent's Active Pokémon, and whose Cyclone Kick does an impressive 120 damage. Lucario V can then evolve...

POK TCG: Boltund V Box (لعبة تداول البطاقات)

Dhs. 139.00
A Pokémon with power, speed, and versatile attacks is every Trainer's best friend. Boltund V has all these qualities and more! Charge confidently into battle with Boltund V's electrifying combos and incredible speed. The stunning foil cards featuring Boltund V and adorable Wooloo in the Boltund V Box add an artistic touch to any collection. And the four Pokémon TCG...

POK TCG: Greninja V Union Box (لعبة تداول البطاقات)

Dhs. 189.00
Get ready to unleash the power of Pokémon V-UNION: a single Pokémon divided into four cards! When you rise to the challenge and put it all together, each fantastic Pokémon V-UNION brings four amazing attacks into battle. These three collections let you choose which Pokémon V-UNION you want by your side: Mewtwo V-UNION, Greninja V-UNION, or Zacian V-UNION. Each set...

POK TCG: Pikachu V Box (لعبة تداول البطاقات)

Dhs. 139.00
Pikachu is all charged up and ready to leap into battle as an electrifying Pikachu V in the Pokémon TCG: Pikachu V Box. This foil Pikachu V promo card will shock your opponents with its Lightning Blast attack: For the cost of 2 Lightning and 1 Colorless Energy, Lightning Blast does 100 damage to the opponent's Active Pokémon. To give...